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  • Kei konā te whakaaro

    Innerhalb von 2 Tagen haben die Bäume fast all ihre Blätter verloren. Und heute morgen war es richtig novemberig. – Die Hotels am Steindamm waren nur durch ihre diffusen Lichter durch den Nebel auszumachen. Deswegen, und weil ich vor einem Jahr 12 Stunden voraus war und in den Frühling schritt, einfach nur das Wecken des […]

  • Contrasts

    Being in New Zealand means the experience between a stunning scenic atmosphere and big smiles by getting crazy laughing a lot by getting to know the people or practicing one of the many crazy outdoor activities. Your soul takes a deep breath:

  • Sneak a peak: Whakawerawera

    Back in the big City of Sails after one week in Whaka Village. Or to be more exactly Whakawerawera The Thermal Village. It’s part of Rotorua – the smelly town. Anywhere there is a light breeze of sulfur. Sometimes you even see it, sometimes not. picture: Diana Boeva We had been four musketeers to achieve […]

  • Powerful Places in the very North

    Bay of Islands 90 Mile Beach Do some Dunesurfing The best place to eat fish’n chips Be respectful at Cape Reinga

  • Getting closer…

    Getting from Europe to New Zealand takes a lot of time. Not to forget the time difference. From Germany to Heathrow, Heathrow to Hongkong, Hongkong to Auckland. I chose the shortcut. A flight time of about 26 hours. In the years 2003 – 2006 I had been traveling a lot. Always long distance. Therefore I […]