Getting closer…

Getting from Europe to New Zealand takes a lot of time. Not to forget the time difference. From Germany to Heathrow, Heathrow to Hongkong, Hongkong to Auckland. I chose the shortcut. A flight time of about 26 hours.

In the years 2003 – 2006 I had been traveling a lot. Always long distance. Therefore I know about how different the feeling on board could be. But I never have been traveling that long. But maybe just as in real life: if you have a goal, you can make it.

And i chose the – now to say – one and only Airline to get to New Zealand. Air New Zealand. I got on the plane in Heathrow at night. And I really enjoyed the time on board. It’s not just the few centimeters more you have to spread your legs. It’s the hospitality of the crew and the equipment. Really nice fleece blankets, soft pillows, … everything fine.

On my flight going to Auckland I nearly already felt like being in New Zealand. A group of Maori shared the flight. Many of them of course tattooed, and some of them with facial Mokos. I had a big inner smile. I knew I would learn more about the Maori culture later on participating on a volunteer project.

After all these hours of flying the landing time approached. I had a walk and saw the Maori next to me looking out of the window. So I went there to sneak a peak as well. It was my first view on New Zealand.

I was a little bit excited to pass the officers, showed my hiking shoes and unfortunately they had a little bit of my parents‘ garden green on it. No big deal. The officer put his swiss Knife out of his pocket and went to the rubbish to scrape it of. He asked me where I want to go and I told him about my plans. It was really nice. Out of the airport I looked for the bus not being sure which one to take. Therefore I went to the Supershuttle drivers and asked the first in the row if he had space for me. Normally  his van would be full but he said that I could have the seat close to him in front. My bagpack in the trailer and off we went. We had a really nice conversation. Asking me where I come from, talking about my plans. And he explained a lot to me about Auckland and New Zealand as well.

He dropped me close to my hostel near the University and Albert Park. I had been arrived.

All the time while traveling in New Zealand I always got to know nice people. Anytime I had a little talk. I love the Kiwi accent and often we laughed about me not finding the right words but anyway expressing myself. I’m not that bad in English but there are a few expressions you sure only know in your native language. And even if some of the Germans I met found it difficult to understand the Kiwis: I never had a problem. You just have to be open minded. Just as – for me – the Kiwis are. No matter where are you from, no matter how old you are.

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