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Letting go – getting lost

Montag, Oktober 23rd, 2017



Do you Know what letting go really means? Have you ever made the experience of getting lost?

Not having a day completely scheduled, following rules, behaviors and expectations? Being yourself. It’s the road to explore your very inner self. But you have to let go. No plans. No expectations. Just go. Do you know your inner self or are you afraid of it?

It’s so much what happens within a year. Never take anything for granted. Practice gratefulness. I am grateful for the experiences I made. the people I can call my friends, my family, the love for life.

Feeling the love for life sometimes really can be hard. Accept life’s roller coaster ride. You don’t have to enjoy it. And you don’t have to think always positive. Know your flaws, accept your weakness. Know your strength, feel your heartbeat. Love yourself. Be yourself. Get in contact to your intuition.

This year the desert – and the people I met over there – taught me a lot and I made experiences I would never have thought of. In the scheduled world we hardly never switch off our cellphones, MacBooks and even our mind. If we do so we often do it because it is scheduled.

When was the last day you were off line? Completely analogue. Without a plan. Meditation, Yoga and healthy nutrition is no challenge. A clean reduced home is not an award. Likes on Facebook and Instagram aren’t your friends, aren’t the butterflies in your heart.

The faster our world gets – or better: the faster we make it – the more the yearning for silence, simplicity and coziness grows. Fortunately there are more and more magazines, youtube channels, yoga lessons, blogs and friends who are telling us what we have to do to reach a short moment of arrival. All this stuff is trying to tell us how we get back to our inner self.

Is it really that hard? Don’t you remember being a child? What did you do? What did make you happy? If you wanted to be a superhero you dressed like one and you’ve been it. You had imagination. You had a gut feeling. You had self confidence. You had emotions and showed them. No filter. No hashtag.

As an adult we have to remember where we come from. That means not the origin from a family but as a human on this planet. Planet Earth. We are only a small part, just a grain of dust.

I went to the desert. I opened my mind. I felt my flaws, my pain, my weakness. But I also felt my assets, my love, my strength.



It was a release. Letting go and getting lost.