Why New Zealand? My introduction.

I don’t know why I always wanted to go to New Zealand. Always – that means since a time I have been a teenager. Well – maybe the film „The Piano“ in the early Nineties had been one of the reasons to get this inner need to go there. The film was really impressive and quite mysterious.

I often watched the film on video. Every time fascinated and always forgetting anything around me. I got older – but I never got there.

The big plan to go there started after finishing my studies. I wanted to have a half year off. Got informed about woofing and really wanted to do it – but I didn’t. Maybe the inner circumstances. Soon I got the job I wanted and I swore to myself: I will go there before I get 35.

The years passed and I focused my traveling on family holidays and nevertheless going on and on for Venezuela. I even thought about moving there. A cut finished these thoughts and my life was now on settled in Hamburg, Germany. The most beautiful city of Germany. A big city with a big harbor. I had to work a lot the past years.

Over the last years I felt the inner need to travel again for a longer time. And New Zealand had been on the list. I just always said to myself: if I go there, it should be a minimum of 2 months. That was quite a obstacle for me – made by myself.

In 2010 the decision to travel again had been done. I asked on my job to get a few weeks of, first I talked about two, later on I asked for three, arguing that I hadn’t been on a real holiday for four years.

I went to the bookstores, reading travel guides. I checked out a few flights. Thinking of my budget the decision would be California or maybe Bali. But my heartbeat told me another destination: New Zealand.

It was on a saturday and I had been waiting in the travel agency for one hour in the row to get a seat in front of the desk. Time enough to think and to read their magazines. When I came to the desk, my heart had already made a decision.

New Zealand.

From that day on I was really happy and excited. And stretched my weeks off to four by booking the flight. The lawyer I’m working with just asked: „Are you having a sabbatical?!“ And I laughed and answered: „Well, it’s just four weeks. You will see me again.“ But all the people I told about getting to NZ just were telling me not being sure that I will come back. Not knowing New Zealand, but knowing me.

In the age of 34 I booked my flight to NZ.

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