in-between the most wanted pages of a life

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oh wait! no! it’s a book!







An open letter to you, Ray:

Just so deeply devouring your book that I didn’t get any of the intentions of my next to me seated neighbour in train to make me stand up letting her out.

in-between. That’s how it feels like. Or like a dive into the deep sea. I’m just wondering how people do feel/understand your lines who don’t work in creative ways. If you’re a creative mind life is different. It really is. You get more impressions and you see more light and also more darkness. Well – that’s how it feels like to me. I find myself often lost in music, in writing, films, …  Anyone who gets lost has a different perception. And of course also a different sense of self. As a creative mind you have to hog the limelight if you want to achieve applause / an audience. Maybe you have tendency to be more self destructive. Just to tell from my point of view.

You, as writer of „My Most Wanted Life“ telling your story, show the reader of your book more than a sneak through the keyhole. You take the reader by the hand, leading him or her through your hard lived rollercoaster life. It starts quite easy with your youth, the family. Takes one into the kitchens of different hotels and restaurants, makes you travel Europe. Feeling like a punk. Rebellious.

The TV stage enters the scene – the point where the connection of most readers exists. Knowing you by Most Wanted. I absorb the stories while reading. Consume them. The crazy 90s. So much happened in this decade. You give such a personal view into your life. But to me the most important part / conclusion is to tell anyone that it is the past. An important part of your life which had glory inebriated scenes as well as many struggles to fight. Getting this intimate informations makes the reader feeling familiar. Broken heart, crazy times, wild life, searching for your inner self – many know that. Made the experience in their lives.

You show how life can change anytime and that therefore it’s up to anyone to spot and catch the wonderful moments. I always put the nice moments in my treasure chest like a pirate. In bad times I open it, fetch a little glance of those moments and can smile again.

Much more than a reading had been your – well, how to say – presentation of your book on 7th December 2014 in Hamburg. Finally released a few weeks before, you and your book – your life – had been on stage. And as always seeing you on stage: it had been a pleasure. Cheeks and tummy hurting by all the laughing. It is as you tell in your book – as an English guy the jokes on you work fine. You are a god of improvisation and really so easy professional if something doesn’t work on stage or if you have strange acting guests.

The title of your book couldn’t have been better chosen. The much you pull the reader into your life the more you keep the distance of an English gentleman.

And I do guess it is because you clearly say that the past times are past – and you just open the curtain for your audience what to look for.
Well then… looking for it!

Wishing you all the best, always nice audiences, collecting wonderful fulfilling public and private moments. Wherever it takes you…

Thank you for writing this book.

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